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Cloud migration and modernization is anything essentially moving from one platform to another, be it from an on-prem data center to a database, or from Azure to AWS, or maybe even if you’re moving from something like Amazon EC2 to Amazon ECS. Caylent’s Cloud Migration & Modernization practice is a core component of our services portfolio.

We embed with our customers’ teams, assess their goals and agendas with them, and then show them the right way to build on the cloud within their skillsets and capabilities, to make sure that they can support our solutions when we’re gone and gain the skills required to work more efficiently with AWS.

Automated migrations enable teams with the skills that they need to achieve that. Essentially, we build the automation with the customer team, teaching them how to implement using methods and tools in AWS. This gives our customers the ability to expand their platform, expand their toolsets and expand their skill sets. 

One of the downsides of using a lift and shift approach to migration is that you are moving your technical debt with your workloads and you’re not really getting the advantages of automation, infrastructure as code and other cloud native capabilities.

There are ways to surround a typical lift and shift with a little bit of automation and do a hybrid lift & shift, but in general, you’re losing out on all the power of the AWS cloud. An automated migration would be using pipelines to rebuild or replatform your systems so that they are deployed into AWS in a more native fashion and you’re actually using those same systems going forward to support your future infrastructure deployments post-migration.

Are you looking to rehost, replatform or reachitect your applications to take advantage of AWS cloud native services? Learn about Caylent’s Cloud Migration & Modernization Practice.

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