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MAP is a migration program that AWS has put together. It stands for the Migration Acceleration Program which is a proven framework made of three different phases: Assess phase, Mobilize phase and Migrate & Modernize phase. 

The Assess phase is really just building out the business case for the customer and ensuring that they have something to deliver to their CFO and to their executive leadership to justify that migration to the cloud is worthwhile.

The Mobilize phase is setting up all the foundations for migrating into AWS, including things like AWS Control Tower, landing zones and all of the baseline infrastructure as well as migrating some pilot applications in order to prove out the concept. 

MAP lets customers move quickly on moving their workloads into AWS. This is a framework that AWS has developed but it’s also a place that we as Caylent have come to on our own in understanding what is going to get a customer into AWS fastest and in the most efficient means. Taking a look at what workloads are going to be best suited for migrating as-is and which ones can we modernize to take advantage of cloud native AWS services to really set you up for future success. It’s about migrating to AWS with future extensibility and future efficiency in mind. 

Our MAP experience here at Caylent is quite broad. As a MAP ambassador myself, we have plenty on the team who can help customers adopt the cloud by using the Migration Acceleration Program, both for short term and long term adoption of AWS. 

What we found really important when it comes to a migration is that modernizing your workload as you migrate to AWS is going to give you the most success. Taking advantage of AWS services like Amazon RDS, Elastic Load Balancing, might seem simple, but they really make moving to and taking advantage of AWS that much easier by unlocking cost efficiencies and increasing velocity as you deploy your workloads. Lift and shift exists, there are reasons to use it, but you’re typically bringing along technical debt. The mistakes that you’ve made in the past, the workarounds that you’ve had to make in your data center are brought with you in a lift and shift migration. Alternatively, with Caylent’s approach of modernizing during your migration, we’re setting you up for future success. 

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