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One of the terms AWS likes to use is that security is job zero for the platform– the idea there is that security starts before anything else– and we take that same approach at Caylent. One of the ways that we do that is to move from a reactive or inspective model of security to a guardrails based approach, ensuring that all workloads are continuously in compliance. We build security automation specific to customer workloads or leverage AWS’s built in guardrails established through AWS Config and AWS Control Tower, and use those to make sure that workloads are always in compliance.

One of the key benefits is that development teams can do their own creative work on the cloud, knowing that these guardrails are going to raise a red flag if something’s out of compliance. For example, if a volume isn’t encrypted or if encrypted communications aren’t being used, we can automatically trigger an alert, so security teams are comfortable in the assertion that their guardrails are protecting workloads and they know that things aren’t going to get out of hand. They no longer have to go in and inspect everything by hand in the way they may have used to in on-premises environments. 

With the idea that security is such an important part of AWS, we’ve built a practice called Cloud Security and Compliance. One of the ways that we’ve helped customers get started is by understanding where their current posture is and setting the strategy for their future through a short assessment in one of our Caylent Catalysts: Security & Compliance Catalyst

The idea here is to set a strategic baseline, understand what the work ahead is, and start to prioritize it so that the clients can work towards their goals for security in the cloud. Our Cloud Security Compliance team works across the spectrum from strategy down to tactical implementations. So you might think of an engagement at the CISO level or a VP of Security or however the organization has defined it. Our team can help set the standards, collaborate on the specific client needs for your patterns and practices that you want implemented, but then also have the engineering expertise in automation on AWS. By understanding our customer’s platform and security requirements and leveraging our deep AWS expertise we can take advantage of managed services to deliver a continuously compliant posture on AWS.

Are you looking for help with improving the security and compliance of your AWS foundation and workloads? Get in touch with our team!

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