AWS Control Tower - Delete Account API

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Learn how you can quickly delete provisioned AWS accounts with the Delete Account API, allowing you to build and destroy things quickly and accelerate testing and innovation.

AWS Control Tower - Delete Account API

Considering the overall account lifecycle for some of our customers in AWS, there's a new feature that was just released, which is a delete account API. A lot of people have been asking for this for many years now. And what it does is it enables you to provision accounts quickly and delete them when you're done with it.

Before it was a little bit of a manual process to be able to get that done. So doing things like spinning up ad hoc accounts for testing things was not as easy to accomplish. To get rid of the account you needed to manually delete it. But now there's an API to do so, allowing you to add it into your automation pipelines and you can really enable developers to build and destroy things quickly and test quicker and not worry about manually managing the accounts.

You could do things with accounts that maybe had some experimental stuff that you wouldn't normally do in a live production account, but be able to get rid of it quickly and reassure yourself that it's gone. That's amazing. And that really helps with the overall housekeeping for a customer's AWS environment and allows for quick cleanup. 

Tying it all together, that really helps rein in cost and technical debt. And our customers love that. And one of the benefits of it is that now instead of having to write complicated scripts or automation to tear down individual pieces of infrastructure, you can just delete the whole thing and know that it's a clean slate.

You're not running anything that you may have missed in a script or in a pipeline, and you're reassured that that account is gone. You're not going to be charged for things that are unintentionally left remaining. 

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