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Learn how we develop and implement Caylent Catalysts - a set of accelerators designed to fuel your AWS cloud adoption initiatives.

Customers don’t want to see a list of AWS services, they want an out of the box solution. However, out-of-the-box solutions can be quite limited in terms of customizability. That is why Caylent developed Caylent Catalysts as a 75% pre-packaged solution while offering some degree of customizability.

This structure introduces opportunities to leverage best practices while customizing a solution to a customer’s unique needs. 75% of the Caylent Catalyst is not going to be differentiated from customer to customer. We can be pretty definitive and prescriptive about that portion. But to some degree, every customer is unique, every business environment is unique and even in the same industry, different customers are going to approach the solutions differently. So we left that 25% with the expectation to respond to customer needs and to be flexible, but still accelerate by standardizing best practices that typically repeat across engagements.

As a consulting partner and a services provider, we have helped customers from across industries leverage cloud solutions. Through these engagements, we’ve seen patterns across various industries and various use cases and we’ve used that experience to guide what we build into our catalysts.

For example, as a part of our Cloud Migration & Modernization practice or Cloud DevOps practice, we frequently are setting up customer environments. If a customer is new to AWS, we have something that’s called the AWS Control Tower Caylent Catalyst, for example, that lays down the account structures, the landing zone, the networking, as well as the security and governance rules that a customer needs to be successful from the start. This is a good example of something that’s not dramatically different from client to client, but there’s some best practices that we want to be sure that everybody’s adopting.

Ultimately, what we’re trying to achieve with Caylent Catalysts for our customers, is to accelerate deployments that might typically take a couple of months, down to just a few weeks.

Sometimes even to the point of condensing maybe beyond what’s necessarily production ready. Our Kubernetes Catalyst is a good example of how we can expose customers to running containers on AWS, while making sure that the customer is enabled & accelerated in the journey of AWS adoption.

Currently, we have Cayletnt Catalysts for:

Our portfolio of Caylent Catalysts is constantly growing. Browse our catalysts and keep an eye out for upcoming accelerators on our Caylent Catalysts page

Development of the AWS Control Tower Caylent Catalyst 

If you know chemistry, a catalyst is something that speeds up a reaction. With the AWS Control Tower Caylent Catalyst, the idea is to speed up AWS adoption, lay some best practices in place and to really get customers started out on the right foot with their AWS footprint.

Another piece of it that we took into account, was that we wanted to build something that was turnkey. Something where all the pieces are on the table and the customer gets to keep all of the moving parts. It is not something where Caylent is an ongoing dependency. Rather, it is designed in a way where we can get our customers started and empower them to run on their own. And should they choose to come back to Caylent, we can continue to help accelerate their AWS adoption or their product goals.

What does a typical AWS Control Tower Caylent Catalyst engagement look like?

It’s interesting because sometimes the AWS Control Tower Caylent Catalyst conversation starts a broader conversation, and sometimes it stops at the catalyst which by itself is a two week engagement with engineering outputs in a rapid timeframe. When the conversation expands beyond the Caylent Catalyst itself and there are more needs beyond just the AWS account set up, we build a larger scope on top of that catalyst taking the customer’s needs into account.

When you reach out to us from our website, it starts the conversation with the Solutions Architecture team to understand client needs before we prescriptively put forward a turnkey offering. We want to make sure we understand their needs and we’re building the right solution for our clients.

Addressing Security & Compliance

We have worked with a lot of HealthTech and FinTech customers who, beyond AWS foundations, are pursuing compliance initiatives in our engagements. Even within our AWS Control Tower Caylent Catalyst, we have security built-in as a first class citizen, but some customers go beyond that. And so we take our Security and Compliance Caylent Catalyst, and we use that to make sure that we’re taking into account the right frameworks for compliance the customer might have, making sure that they’re thinking about not just the operational AWS issues, but also the personnel and the procedures that they need to be thinking about to securely adopt AWS.

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Mark Olson

Mark Olson

As Caylent's VP of Customer Solutions, Mark leads a team that's entrusted with envisioning and proposing solutions to an infinite variety of client needs. He's passionate about helping clients transform and leverage AWS services to accelerate their objectives. He applies curiosity and a systems thinking mindset to find the optimal balance among technical and business requirements and constraints. His 20+ years of experience spans team leadership, technical sales, consulting, product development, cloud adoption, cloud native development, and enterprise-wide as well as line of business solution architecture and software development from Fortune 500s to startups. He recharges outdoors - you might find him and his wife climbing a rock, backpacking, hiking, or riding a bike up a road or down a mountain.

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