Accelerate your DevOps journey with immediate access to certified AWS DevOps engineers through our two unique delivery models. Caylent believes that agile co-delivery is key to providing self-service capabilities to organizations that seek continuous improvement and empowerment of their software teams.


DevOps Pods and Projects

Our DevOps Pod and Project teams are made up of DevOps SMEs including architects and engineers with decades of building and automating well-architected solutions on AWS. Caylent’s certified AWS engineers will accelerate your deployments and add rocket fuel to your DevOps and Cloud Native adoption.



We go beyond a typical discovery process - we truly listen. We want to know where you've been, where you're going and what your ultimate goals are.



Caylent doesn't just automate, build, and operate, we make sure you're armed with the knowledge and processes to be self-sufficient and set up for success.



After understanding your needs fully, we architect your AWS environment with security, availability and cost optimization at the forefront.



Our agile co-delivery process is designed to help you not only incrementally build and automate self-service platform capabilities, but to provide ongoing developer support and continuous iteration.


Transform Your Business With DevOps Strategy, Culture and Technology

As a cloud native services provider that has been building DevOps culture, tools, and automating “all the things” for half a decade at organizations ranging from venture backed startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, we know a thing or two about DevOps. Don’t spend millions of dollars and years on what we can do with you in months.

Our organization has significant experience with DevOps – from the cultural aspect of shared responsibility, transparency, and feedback. But, of course, we also love tools, open source, and automating “all the things” on AWS. Reliability, security, and availability is our passion. Skilled with all aspects of DevOps engineering, we have particular expertise in some of the following areas:

We Bring Out the Best in People and Technology

We are forward thinking, exploratory in our approach and pride ourselves on true partnership with our customers. Being a partner means engaging together in a focused effort to drive your vision forward and achieve technical and business results. To accomplish this, Caylent goes beyond the technology to ensure your team gains the knowledge and skills they need.

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Caylent has DevOps baked into its DNA. We’ve helped customers of all sizes implement or improve their DevOps practices. Click on each customer to read about their experience: 

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