Caylent & Snyk Partner to Provide a Developer-First Cloud Security Solution


Although dedicated security teams are an essential part of cloud operations, developers are the first line of defense in preventing vulnerabilities in code...

Security Starts at the Developer Level

Although dedicated security teams are an essential part of cloud operations, developers are the first line of defense in preventing vulnerabilities in code and dependencies. You can deliver more robust application security at scale if you can bring developers deeper into the security process. However, to do this successfully you need to give them a process that is frictionless, intuitive, and works within the tools they already use.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new strategic partnership with Snyk!

The Power of Snyk

 Snyk is a security platform focused on helping developers to build secure cloud applications from the ground up. The platform works by proactively scanning and finding vulnerabilities in open source dependencies, application code, containers, and infrastructure code. That means that throughout the whole development process, devs can identify and fix potential security issues early and quickly.

Additionally, the quality of the Snyk vulnerability database is one of the highest available thanks to a dedicated research team, contributions from the developer community, and use of machine learning. The combined effort of all these components results in the capability to discover vulnerabilities an average of 25 days faster than what’s in the biggest publicly available database.

What The Partnership Means For Customers

If you’re not familiar with Caylent, we are a DevOps and Cloud Native consulting and managed services company. Our customers range from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies. Caylent is uniquely able to help tech-enabled companies by embedding our certified engineers within their DevOps teams seamlessly. This allows us to share our domain expertise by driving best practices, implementing tools, and creating processes inside product and operations teams.

By forming this partnership with Snyk, we’re able to further help our customers in a few key areas:

1. Get a Streamlined Security Workflow

The combination of Caylent’s own cloud security experts and the Snyk platform gives our customers a streamlined way to ensure true security across their entire cloud native stack. We’ll ensure your team can optimize the latest in security best practices and tooling. 

2. Bring Developers Closer to Security

True to Snyk’s purpose of developer-first application security, we’re able to integrate their platform seamlessly into our clients’ existing development environments. This integration provides developers with an easy way to gain greater insights into the safety of their code, and leverage proactive, automated fixes when issues do arise.

3. Enable Teams to Fix Vulnerability Issues Faster

By combining the powerful reporting features of Snyk with the skilled oversight from Caylent engineers, we can help discover and fix any security issues in real-time. This reduces the risk of vulnerabilities reaching the application, and helps prevent potentially dangerous breaches from occurring.

How You Can Get Started

If you’re not already a Caylent customer, you can get started by booking a consultation call with our team. We’ll dive straight into your project needs, and walk you through our process. All our cloud solutions are custom tailored to meet your business requirements and future organizational goals. We thrive on creating truly collaborative partnerships with our clients and hold your company’s best interests close.


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