Improving Sales Automation with GenAI: Introducing IRIS

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Introducing IRIS: our Integrated Revenue Intelligence System. It revolutionizes daily business operations with GenAI shortcuts, empowering custom automation solutions for enhanced productivity, sales effectiveness, and agility.

My journey into the realm of automation and AI was driven by a lifelong passion for learning and building. This curiosity, nurtured from a young age, seamlessly translated into a professional quest to enhance my skills and optimize my workflow. It led me to explore automation as a tool to not only streamline operations but also to continuously engage with new challenges.

The creation of Steve, our first intelligent automation system, marked the beginning of our venture into enhancing operational efficiency. Designed to be immediately useful, easy to operate, and fully self-service, Steve epitomized our philosophy of continuous improvement. Initially focused on streamlining sales processes through dedicated Slack channels, Steve quickly became central to our operations, offering updates and notifications that kept our team agile and informed.

Since its inception on January 1, 2022, Steve has undergone significant transformations. For example,

  • By incorporating enhancements such as Slack’s BlockKit for a better user interface and expanding its capabilities to manage proposal submissions, Steve set the stage for a deeper integration of AI within our processes.
  • The adoption of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology in November 2023 was a leap forward, enabling Steve to provide direct database queries for tactical decision-making—a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what our AI could achieve.

However, by early 2024, it became apparent that to truly leverage the potential of AI, a foundational shift was necessary. Steve’s architecture, while effective for initial tasks, limited our ability to integrate more sophisticated AI features. This realization led to the development of Da Vinci, a bespoke version of our internal Archimedes framework, designed to facilitate rapid development and enhance operational efficiency.

Building on Da Vinci, IRIS (Integrated Revenue Intelligence System) was born.

Going beyond Steve’s functionalities, IRIS introduces the concept of GenAI shortcuts, empowering our team to create custom automation solutions that enhance daily operations. From generating personalized email communications to offering insights into potential clients, IRIS significantly amplifies our productivity and sales effectiveness.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with IRIS, and with GenAI shortcuts:

  • CSA Proposal Creation Assistance
  • Customer follow-up email generator
  • Lead gen email drafter
  • Executive summary creator with automatic web retrieval

The introduction of IRIS heralds a cultural shift within Caylent. Embraced not merely as a tool but as an integral team member, IRIS brings a new level of support and efficiency to our sales processes including the directive "If you aren't sure, ask IRIS".

As we continue to explore the potential of AI and automation, we are excited about the future developments that lie ahead. From the automation of executive summaries to the integration of proactive reminders, IRIS is set to further transform our operational landscape, democratizing innovation and empowering our team to address challenges with unparalleled agility.

As an AWS Generative AI Competency partner, we have been immersed into everything AI on AWS, from developing operational applications for transformative customers, to helping organizations explore and experiment with a plethora of AI POCs. If you'd like to unlock the full potential of your AI endeavors, get in touch with our experts and learn how we can accelerate your journey from idea to impact.

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Jim Rosser

Jim Rosser

As a Principal Customer Solutions Architect (CSA), Jim partners with Caylent Account Executives to help set clients up for success in their AWS journey. When he's not working directly with clients, Jim is busy maturing our internal sales automation or mentoring peers on the sales and pre-sales team. Based out of Colorado, Jim can often be found enjoying the nature and greenery of the Rockies or enjoying a craft brew in downtown Colorado Springs.

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