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Unlock the full potential of generative AI with Caylent. Dive into a world where strategy evolves from brainstorming workshops to deploying cutting-edge solutions.

Our Expertise

Leverage our deep expertise in machine learning and data mastery, while harnessing the power of AWS technologies like Amazon Bedrock and SageMaker Studio. 

Generative AI promises to transform how businesses operate but it faces many challenges such as privacy concerns, complex integrations, generic models, rigid frameworks, and poor data quality. Despite this, companies are racing to leverage the power of generative AI to gain a competitive edge, but quickly realize that integrating AI technologies into AWS cloud environments isn’t a simple task and in some cases, the barrier to entry is just too high.

Caylent's generative AI offerings and MeteorAI reduce these barriers to entry and help organizations of any size amplify the power of their data, expedite the experimentation cycle, and accelerate the adoption of new AI technologies. 

Generative AI with Caylent

01 - Assess

Through our discovery sessions, we’ll work with you to clearly define the use case, evaluate generative AI adoption readiness, identify key Large Language Models, and roadmap our development.

02 - Architect

Our Caylent crew will partner with your project leads to develop requirements, architect the solution, plan the sprints, and kick off development.

03 - Accelerate

Together, our teams will dive into the MVP to test and finalize development, ensuring a smooth knowledge transfer that sets you up for continued success.

Caylent Catalysts™

Introducing Innovation Engine

An embedded, agile, multi-disciplinary AI team that enables nimble development of short and long-term analytical and generative AI initiatives.

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Jumpstart your Generative AI Initiatives with Caylent Catalysts™

Caylent Catalysts™

Generative AI Ideation Workshop

Educate your team on the generative AI technology landscape and common use cases, and collaborate with our experts to determine business cases that maximize value for your organization.

Caylent Catalysts™

Generative AI Strategy

Accelerate your generative AI initiatives with ideation sessions for use case prioritization, foundation model selection, and an assessment of your data landscape and organizational readiness.

Caylent Catalysts™

AWS Generative AI Proof of Value

Accelerate investment and mitigate risk when developing generative AI solutions.

Caylent Catalysts™

Generative AI Knowledge Base

Enhance access to your corporate assets with a custom AI chatbot powered by Anthropic Claude 3 in Amazon Bedrock. Our AI experts will deploy a production-grade prototype to your AWS environment and configure Amazon Kendra to index your data.

White Paper

The 2024 Outlook on Generative AI: Insights for Business Leaders and Executives

Dive into the dynamic world of generative AI with our white paper, packed with insights and strategies that will enable business leaders to implement their generative AI initiatives successfully.

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Rima Olinger

Recognized as a leading AWS partner with extensive expertise, Caylent has consistently leveraged the robust production-grade infrastructure and services of Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker to deliver innovative solutions. Furthermore, Caylent has effectively utilized the power of AWS-enabled generative AI application development to accelerate the path from concept to implementation, enabling them to swiftly bring value-driven solutions to market for their clients.

Rima Olinger

AWS North America Partner Director




Caylent's MeteorAI is a proprietary and turnkey generative AI development process and framework built on AWS that amplifies the power of company data and expedites the experimentation cycle of numerous generative AI solutions. Using MeteorAI, your organization can significantly accelerate the launch and implementation of new technologies that deliver actual business value.

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Increase productivity by up to

Key Features & Benefits

Built with your Data

Models are trained and responses are generated using your own data ensuring the application is tailored to you specific needs.

AWS Native

Built-in AWS products power effortless scaling and allow us to easily deploy in your own AWS accounts under your control.


Supports many AI and data models with capabilities to effortlessly integrate future models.

API-First Design

Enables quick connections to other systems, creating a platform that scales with demand and quickly responds to market trends.


Improves user accessibility by supporting audio, visual, and text interfaces.

Proactive Actions

Streamlines operations by identifying and automating common task or process patterns on your behalf.

Conversational Interface

Offers intuitive, no-code interfaces that make technology accessible to everyone in the organization.

Our Generative AI Customers

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