GenAI Accelerators

What are Caylent Catalysts™?

Accelerate your generative AI adoption with Caylent Catalysts™. These curated packages are designed to kickstart your innovation initiatives today, and set you up for success tomorrow.

To save you some heavy-lifting, we’ve bundled up some of our most-recommended GenAI solutions to get your digital transformation off the ground faster.


01 — Discovery Call

Determine your current understanding and use of containers today as well as learn about your future state development objectives.

02 — Workshop

Based on your needs, you can choose to engage in up to 3 days of workshops which include; education, labs, deployment, reviews, initial consultation and scoping.

03 — Deployment

Deploy our configurable Caylent Catalysts© into your AWS account and participate in an enablement workshop using a sample GenAI application.

04 — Action Plan

After we present the analysis, we will create an action plan to leverage our accelerators and meet your goals and build a solid foundation.

Our Generative AI Catalysts

Caylent Catalysts™

Generative AI Ideation Workshop

Educate your team on the generative AI technology landscape and common use cases, and collaborate with our experts to determine business cases that maximize value for your organization.

Caylent Catalysts™

Generative AI Strategy

Accelerate your generative AI initiatives with ideation sessions for use case prioritization, foundation model selection, and an assessment of your data landscape and organizational readiness.

Caylent Catalysts™

AWS Generative AI Flight Plan

Accelerate investment and mitigate risk when developing generative AI solutions.

Caylent Catalysts™

Generative AI Knowledge Base

Enhance access to your corporate assets with a custom AI chatbot powered by Anthropic Claude 2 on Amazon Bedrock. Our AI experts will deploy a production-grade prototype to your AWS environment and configure Amazon Kendra to index your data.

Accelerate generative AI adoption

With Caylent Catalysts

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