Enhancing Customer Support and Engagement with Generative AI

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Learn how our customers are taking advantage of GenAI to transform customer support and engagement, significantly improving experiences.

Generative AI (GenAI) has quickly grown in adoption across business and personal use cases, helping companies and professionals achieve great improvements in efficiency and productivity by offloading a plethora of repetitive tasks from content development to data aggregation and analysis. Generative AI also enables new opportunities by simplifying access to important knowledge and helping organizations curate personalized content and experiences for their customers.

At Caylent, we are at the forefront of integrating GenAI into diverse business environments, enabling organizations to transform traditional challenges into opportunities for growth. This blog explores the experiences of three distinct companies—Perform[cb] in marketing, Wagepoint in financial technology, and Estela in finance—showcasing how these companies are leveraging GenAI on AWS to resolve traditional challenges in their industries and achieve remarkable improvements in service quality and customer satisfaction.

Perform[cb] - Outcome-Based Marketing

Improving website experiences and lead qualification with a generative AI chatbot, optimizing customer interaction and sales processes.

Perform[cb] is a distinguished leader in outcome-based marketing. With award-winning performance across marketing and sales solutions, Perform[cb] connects brands with new customers through their website, app, or call center on an outcome-based model, ensuring that brands only pay for real results that truly matter to their business.

Perform[cb] sought to enhance visitor engagement on its website and optimize its lead generation process. The challenge was to efficiently capture and qualify inbound leads, ensuring that the sales team could focus on prospects with the highest conversion potential. The company approached Caylent to implement a chatbot for their website, designed to interact with visitors, and enhance the understanding and clarity of Perform[cb]'s offerings for potential clients. It was also aimed at gathering essential information that could improve sales approach, and qualifying leads prior to their handover to Perform[cb]’s sales team.

Perform[cb] collaborated with Caylent to leverage GenAI. Together, the teams:

  • Developed a generative AI chatbot with Amazon Bedrock powered by Claude 2.1, to engage website visitors, collecting initial information for lead qualification.
  • Implemented a cloud-native serverless infrastructure with Amazon S3, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Kendra and Terraform, ensuring a scalable and secure environment for chatbot operation.

Leveraging its website chatbot, Perform[cb] expects to benefit from:

  • Enhanced customer interaction on the website that may lead to an increase in captured leads with potential for conversion.
  • Reduction in time spent by sales representatives on unqualified leads, optimizing sales operations and focusing efforts on high-potential prospects.

The chatbot is also intended to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and its Marketing Cloud Account Engagement software, enabling a direct handoff of qualified leads to the sales team, thereby enhancing the lead qualification process and potentially increasing conversion rates. This strategic implementation of GenAI positions Perform[cb] to revolutionize its digital engagement approach, aligning closely with its innovative marketing solutions and business growth objectives.

Dzenis Softic

"We’re looking forward to seeing how our Generative AI deployment enhances interactions with potential clients and improves the efficiency of our lead generation process. I’m excited to see how this technology will continue to refine our operations and help us achieve future goals for our clients and the company as a whole."

Dzenis Softic


Wagepoint - Online Payroll and HR Management

Implementing an AI-powered knowledge base to streamline payroll and HR inquiry resolutions, improving decision-making and customer service.

Wagepoint is a provider of online payroll and HR services for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada.

The company faced a challenge common to many growing businesses - their employees, especially those newly onboarded, found it difficult to navigate and correlate the diverse stores of knowledge within the organization. This situation created operational inefficiencies, delays in customer support, and impeded decision-making. Timely and accurate responses are crucial to customer satisfaction, and Wagepoint’s challenges highlighted their customer support team’s need for a solution that can rapidly access and leverage internal knowledge.

Given the complexity and depth of product and industry knowledge required to serve their clients effectively, Wagepoint is committed to leveraging GenAI technology to streamline internal knowledge access. Empowering their staff will enable them to provide quicker, more accurate answers to client inquiries, thereby improving customer support and operational performance.

Wagepoint collaborated with Caylent to develop a customizable, enterprise-grade AI-powered knowledge base. This solution is designed to:

  • Integrate seamlessly with Wagepoint's AWS infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and secure operational flow.
  • Utilize GenAI to enable natural language search capabilities, allowing staff to ask complex product- and industry-related questions and receive accurate, concise answers.
  • Automate ML operations and utilize cutting-edge large language models (LLMs)
  • Guarantee technical feasibility, data governance, security, and scalability, maintaining full control and ownership over data and sources.

Implementing the GenAI-powered knowledge base will significantly transform Wagepoint’s internal operations and customer service approach. Anticipated outcomes include:

  • Markedly improved employee efficiency in accessing and utilizing internal knowledge, leading to faster and more informed decision-making.
  • Enhanced customer support, with staff providing timely and accurate responses to client queries, thereby improving the overall customer experience.
  • Cost savings and a faster time-to-market for new services and updates, driven by streamlined operations and enhanced organizational agility.
  • A robust, data-driven foundation for sustained growth and innovation within Wagepoint's operations.

Estela - Invoicing & Taxation

Empowering teams with a taxation and compliance knowledge base to improve customer support and satisfaction.

Estela is a prominent electronic invoicing supplier across various countries in Latin America, each with its unique compliance requirements. This geographical diversity and regulatory complexity necessitate a robust system to keep internal staff informed and equipped to handle compliance-related inquiries efficiently. This complexity often results in prolonged response times to client inquiries due to the necessity of escalating technical tax queries to specialized teams for resolution. The lack of immediate access to detailed, accurate compliance information hampers the efficiency of customer service operations, impacting the overall quality of client support and satisfaction.

Recognizing this need, Estela sought Caylent's expertise to develop an internal knowledge base. This initiative aimed to empower customer service teams with a comprehensive understanding of compliance, tax-legal, and product-related queries through the support of a GenAI-powered chatbot.

To address this challenge, Caylent leveraged its expertise in Generative AI technologies to create an internal knowledge base for Estela. This digital resource is powered by a GenAI chatbot, designed to assimilate and interpret extensive regulatory documentation from official sources such as the SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria), DIAN (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales), and other relevant authorities, as well as Estela’s historical responses to customer tax inquiries.

The knowledge base also serves as an immediate reference point for customer service representatives, enabling them to efficiently address technical tax questions without the need for escalation. By integrating this GenAI bot into their customer service operations, Estela aims to significantly reduce response times for client inquiries, enhancing the effectiveness of their support system.

By reducing the dependency on specialized teams for technical tax queries, Estela anticipates a significant improvement in response times and overall client satisfaction.

Embracing an AI-Augmented Future

As we've explored through the transformative experiences of Perform[cb], Wagepoint, and Estela, the integration of Generative AI can significantly elevate operational efficiencies, enhance customer interactions, and streamline decision-making processes. These use cases are also largely industry agnostic, offering a path for organizations of all types and sizes to benefit from more performant and productive talent, and eliminate repetitive processes that can cumulatively be very costly over the long term.

If your organization is looking to harness the power of AI to improve service quality and customer satisfaction, Caylent’s expertise in deploying GenAI solutions on AWS provides a robust foundation for your technological evolution. Embrace the future of business with GenAI, and let us help you achieve the exceptional results that today's leading companies are already experiencing.

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Khobaib Zaamout

Khobaib Zaamout

Dr. Khobaib Zaamout is the Principal Architect for AI Strategy at Caylent, where his main focus lies in AIML and Generative AI. He brings a solid background with over ten years of experience in software, Data, and AIML. Khobaib has earned a master's in Machine Learning and holds a doctorate in Data Science. His professional journey also involves extensive consulting, solutioning, and leadership roles. Based in Chestermere, Alberta, Canada, Khobaib enjoys a laid-back life. Outside of work, he likes cooking for his family and friends and finds relaxation in camping trips to the Rocky Mountains.

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