Mitigating Networking Challenges with AWS


Learn how you can address networking observability challenges with feature-filled AWS services such as AWS Network Firewall.

Mitigating Network Challenges with AWS

As new talent comes on board and there is some resource shuffling at some of our customers, we come in and we'll help them do a discovery of their existing infrastructure and look for opportunities and ways where they can advance their networking footprint and still provide really high amounts of resiliency, availability, and performance.

Observability is a huge consideration in networking and it gets forgotten about quite frequently. AWS has some great services that help with this, one of which is AWS Network Firewall. Now, you can deploy AWS Network Firewall endpoints anywhere throughout your system and route your traffic through them and you get a high level of visibility in the form of traffic logs. Before you would have to just rely on VPC flow logs, which are great, but they can be difficult to parse through in some situations.

So AWS network firewall just provides a lot of different ways in which you can see your traffic and really get down to the details of who's going where within your environment.

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