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As a result of our engagement, Daylight was able to quickly transition their data to a modern infrastructure on AWS that can reliably scale, ensure availability, and provide more insights to their business teams and partners, opening up new pathways to innovation.

Daylight Transport is a privately held expedited LTL (Less than Truckload) transportation and logistics company headquartered in Cypress, California. Founded in 1977, Daylight has spearheaded innovation in the LTL industry, accelerating cross-country transit times from 7-15 days down to 2-3 days. The company has been tremendously successful and has grown steadily to become the nation’s leading expedited LTL carrier, as it approaches 50 years in business.


Daylight was looking to leverage data analytics and deploy business intelligence (BI) tooling into their environment, however their legacy infrastructure was proving to be a bottleneck. It was not only costly and time consuming to manage but also limited Daylight’s ability to provide new features to their customers and recover from unexpected incidents. Daylight was looking for a reliable partner that was able to execute on a highly-available modern Amazon Redshift data platform with BI and third-party integrations in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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At Caylent, the customer always comes first. They provided an exceptional experience by completing our project on time and within budget. With their expert guidance, meticulous planning, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, they ensured a seamless journey that resulted in improved efficiency and cost savings. I highly recommend Caylent for their customer-centric approach and ability to deliver outstanding results.

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Caylent helped Daylight deploy a new solution on AWS that enables a plethora of capabilities they were unable to access with their legacy infrastructure. The team also helped Daylight with disaster recovery planning to maintain business continuity during unpredictable incidents. Caylent migrated all of the data from Daylight's main database and configured DMS to continually update changes from DB2 to Amazon Redshift and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL (currently in progress).

Daylight gained the ability to integrate their data infrastructure with modern BI tools like Tableau to acquire key performance metrics and provide good data into their ML models in Databricks. Having reliable and easy to operate tooling allows Daylight’s business teams access to data insight, and modern tooling on AWS improves the output of their ML models. Additionally, they have the assurance that these insights will be accessible to their teams throughout incidents, as a result of the high availability design and robust DR implementations. These capabilities were important to Daylight since their ML models need high availability for the business teams who use them regularly.

Adopting Aurora will significantly improve Daylight’s database performance and reliability. Aurora's advanced replication and auto-scaling features enable Daylight to handle increasing volumes of data and traffic with ease. Aurora's high availability and fault tolerance also preserve data access in the event of unexpected incidents.

Caylent also automated the underlying infrastructure and deployment pipelines with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), leveraging AWS CDK, AWS CodeCommit, and AWS CodePipeline to automate their infrastructure and deployment processes, reducing the time and effort required to deploy new features and updates. This has also helped to ensure consistency across their environment, adherence to best practices, governance of their code and improvements in the security and compliance posture of their applications.


Daylight is now able to easily integrate tooling like Databricks and Tableau into their data infrastructure and may leverage Amazon QuickSight in the future. These BI tools provide their leaders with access to key business insights. Modern, easy-to-use, pre-built infrastructure tooling deployed by Caylent will allow Daylight to democratize access to data across business units. They now have a robust feature set and cross-region DR plan in place, ensuring availability for their customers. With additional availability zones, managed services with replication and autoscaling, and a resilient infrastructure in place, Daylight is positioned to effectively deal with incidents.

AWS Redshift has accelerated Daylight’s database performance by 23X when compared to their prior DB2 implementation. Leveraging modern infrastructure on AWS has enabled external data ingestion through AWS DMS, machine learning capabilities through AWS Redshift ML, more efficient changes to infrastructure through CI/CD pipelines that also minimize human error, and new insights for Daylight’s logistics application, enabling efficiencies across their nationwide logistics operations. This has also spurred the development of new SaaS applications for their end users.

Daylight was able to quickly transition their data to a modern infrastructure that can reliably scale, ensure availability, and provide more insights to their business teams and partners, opening up new pathways to innovation.



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