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VMware to AWS Strategy

Reduce cloud cost and migration complexities when moving from VMware to AWS

Helping you Adapt with Speed

In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses use cloud technologies to maintain their competitive edge. Migrating to AWS cloud services offers significant scalability, operational efficiency, and cost management advantages.

For some companies, VMware has long been a critical component, and moving away from the VMware ecosystem to AWS native services can be a complex undertaking. A clear migration strategy becomes crucial to successfully navigating this challenge.

Caylent's approach to moving away from VMware to AWS is designed to transform a company's IT infrastructure, making it more agile, cost-effective, and ready to tackle future challenges and opportunities.

Our Pragmatic Approach to Migrating VMware to AWS


Conduct a comprehensive assessment and equivalence workshop to map VMware services to AWS, focusing on critical features and high availability strategies.


Bridge the knowledge gap with an onboarding workshop that transitions teams to AWS, utilizing Infrastructure as Code and AWS resiliency planning for VMware feature replication.


Demonstrate essential AWS operations including lift-and-shift migration and day 2 management, design a target AWS architecture to your requirements, and create a strategic plan for the first wave of VMware workload migrations to AWS.

Moving From Idea to Impact

Our catalyst takes a collaborative approach to streamline your transition, starting with a comprehensive assessment of your current environment. Through tailored AWS equivalence workshops and meticulous service mapping, we ensure that every critical VMware functionality you rely on is seamlessly migrated to AWS cloud services.

We'll guide you through incorporating elements like autoscaling, converting your VMware automation to CloudFormation or Terraform, and leveraging managed services like RDS to reduce your operational burden. By the end, your team will be well-equipped to confidently take on this transition.

Customer Success Stories

Going Beyond Technology with our Community of AWS Experts


With over 600+ certifications, our AWS community of cloud experts and enthusiasts know exactly how to guide customers along the fastest and smartest path.


As a premier tier AWS partner, we've taken the steps necessary to prove our AWS expertise by earning over 10 competencies and counting.

Delivery Designations

With over 10 Delivery Designations, we are more than a strategic consulting partner, but a comprehensive solutions provider capable of taking you from idea to impact.


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