AWS Graviton

Caylent helps teams build on AWS Graviton to deliver the best price-performance compute across a broad range of workloads.

Looking Ahead

Tomorrow's Infrastructure Today

Companies are starting to look at the next iteration of cloud. We are currently in the Modern Cloud Era, where self-managed infrastructure, VMs, SQL servers, are things of the past. Adopters (or Operators) in the Modern Cloud Era are leveraging born in the cloud infrastructure like AWS Graviton. This next-generation compute architecture delivers the best price performance across a broad range of workloads. 

Why Migrate to AWS Graviton?


40% better price/performance with Graviton 2 processors as comparted to current generation x86 based instances, for a broad spectrum of workloads.


Provides cloud native security features like always-on memory encryption, dedicated caches for each CPU, and pointer authentication. Combined with the AWS Nitro System, you can deliver best in class security for your customers and meet any compliance requirements.


Graviton processors use up to 60% less energy for the same performance than comparable x86-based instances, saving the planet and your AWS bill

Caylent Catalyst

AWS Graviton Migration Strategy

Improve your compute price/performance by up to 60% by testing, benchmarking, migrating and optimizing applications for AWS Graviton. 

Our experts will work with you to review your data, assess your application compatibility with ARM instances, determine the best adoption path, detail your expected cost savings and performance improvement outcomes & develop CI/CD pipelines that continuously optimize for future technologies.

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