Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Realize cost-savings and gain efficiencies by optimizing the performance, security, and scalability of your Microsoft workloads on AWS.

Why Caylent

Embrace the opportunities of tomorrow by migrating and modernizing your Microsoft workloads on AWS

AWS's global network ensures high availability and reliability, while robust security features, including encryption and compliance certifications, safeguard your data. The seamless integration of Microsoft technologies, coupled with AWS's commitment to innovation, guarantees that your workloads will not only run smoothly but also stay at the forefront of technology. 

Leverage Caylent’s expertise and accelerators to migrate and modernize your workloads at scale, enable automated operations, and establish continuous optimization processes. Our “do with” model empowers your teams through co-delivery and experiential learning.

Introducing AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment for Microsoft

Discover how the AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) can streamline your cloud migration and cost management. This free program helps assess and optimize your on-premises and cloud environments, enabling smarter resource use and significant cost reductions. Benefit from tailored recommendations for compute and licensing efficiencies, and make informed decisions with a comprehensive report based on your actual usage and entitlements. Embrace the journey to the cloud with confidence and efficiency with AWS OLA for Microsoft.

Our specializations


By leveraging AWS Migration Acceleration Program, the Caylent team will help you build strong AWS cloud foundations, accelerate deployments and reduce overall risk. With deep cloud native roots, Caylent is uniquely qualified to guide you through the best cloud adoption path for your Microsoft workloads.

.NET Modernization

Replatform, containerize or refactor your legacy .NET Framework applications on AWS. Future-proof your mission critical applications by moving to microservices and cloud-native architectures by taking advantage of containers and serverless to realize cost savings, improve scalability and resiliency.

MSSQL Database Transformations

Modernize your relational database with AWS native solutions. Refactor to AWS native databases such as Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora to break-free from costly licenses and gain better price-performance and reduce operational overhead through automatic backups and auto-scale capabilities.

Cost Optimization

Through optimization and licensing assessments and TCO analysis, Caylent will help you understand your license optimization options and modernization roadmap for your Microsoft workloads. Reinvest your resources by leveraging managed AWS services that provide pay-as-you-go pricing models.


10 Questions Customers Ask About Microsoft Workloads on AWS

This eBook serves as your comprehensive guide, covering licensing strategies, cost optimization, and automated tooling to help you maximize your Microsoft workloads on AWS.

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Caylent Services

AWS Foundations & Migrations

From rehosting to replatforming to rearchitecting, Caylent will help you leverage AWS to its fullest potential to meet your business objectives.

Caylent Services

Application Modernization

Innovate at the speed of light with modern applications powered by modular architectures running on purpose-built AWS services.

Caylent Services

Cloud Native App Dev

Deliver high-quality, scalable, cloud native, and user-friendly applications that allow you to focus on your business needs and deliver value to your end users faster.

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Data Modernization & Analytics

From implementing data lakes and migrating off commercial databases to optimizing data flows between systems, turn your data into insights with AWS cloud native data services.

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Artificial Intelligence & MLOps

Apply artificial intelligence (AI) to your data to automate business processes and predict outcomes. Gain a competitive edge in your industry and make more informed decisions.

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Infrastructure & DevOps Modernization

Quickly establish an AWS presence that meets technical security framework guidance by establishing automated guardrails that ensure your environments remain compliant.

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