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Caylent Pods are a team of cloud engineering experts who can help you with everything from design best practices to implementation to modernization. Comprised of SME's, cloud architects and engineers with decades of building well-architected solutions on AWS, Caylent pods will accelerate your project deployments and add rocket fuel to your cloud native adoption - all with a predictable and competitive monthly cost, making it easy on your budget.

Our agile, DevOps centric, co-delivery model is best for companies looking to incrementally adopt cloud native services. Based on your current goals, we'll work with you on a light scoping session, determine immediate priorities and dive into executing your backlog. Should your needs evolve, you can change pods sizes and engineer specialties as you go.

Caylent Pod Sizes


Small-scale implementation, maintenance and general support for customers already leveraging the cloud


Standard implementation work, cloud native transformations, small-scale migrations and troubleshooting


Large migrations, major modernization initiatives and cloud native transformations. Proactive support and maintenance


Large migrations, major initiatives, cloud native transformations, support DevOps adoption efforts for multiple teams

How Pods Work

Caylent Catalysts™

Case Study

SEI Novus Modernization
SEI Novus - AWS Modernization

Caylent helped SEI Novus maximize their business velocity by migrating to containers on AWS, stabilizing their workloads, strengthening their security posture and improving developer experience.

SEI Novus - AWS Graviton Enablement

Caylent helped SEI Novus adopt AWS Graviton based EC2 instances for their application, helping them incur cost savings that will grow over time as adoption scales.

Caylent Content Corner

SEI Novus Modernization
Caylent Catalysts

Learn how we develop and implement Caylent Catalysts - a set of accelerators designed to fuel your AWS cloud adoption initiatives.


Building Scalable Cloud Foundations with AWS Control Tower

Learn how you can use AWS Control Tower to quickly provision your environment, simplify multi-account management, and build-in security and governance guardrails, allowing you to rapidly resume modernizing and innovating on the cloud.

AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform

Learn how you can leverage AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform to provision and customize AWS accounts through Terraform using a deployment pipeline.

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