AWS Transit Gateway

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AWS Transit Gateway is a high powered hub router in AWS. It works really well and AWS keeps coming out with more features that open the doors for a lot of different network architectures, unblocking a lot of these larger enterprise customers that may have been uncertain about adopting the cloud. Now they’re able to because they can construct a network architecture that really suits their unique needs.

The service enables the ability to connect, not just different AWS environments, but to connect on-premises, to expose private endpoints privately, potentially to your customers if you’re a SaaS provider. AWS might have built these features for a particular customer, but then everybody gets to benefit from them. 

It also offers features like SD-WAN connectivity straight into AWS Transit Gateway. You can terminate VPNs right on AWS Transit Gateway as well. Direct Connect gateways can now be extended with the transit VIF right on Transit Gateway. More recently, you can now peer two AWS Transit Gateways within a single region, whereas before it was just inter-region peering. So there are just many more possibilities now, making networking more sophisticated and powerful. 

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