Building Scalable Foundations with AWS Control Tower

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AWS Control Tower is a means of managing and spinning up new environments in AWS. It lets you apply standards to what your AWS environment looks like, lets you apply compliance and conformance to all those accounts. It enables you to build up what that account strategy looks like. So, managing a multitude of AWS accounts to represent different business entities or units within your organization. 

AWS Control Tower is a really awesome tool because it enables a standard set of rules across multiple AWS accounts and environments. It’s easiest to get started with AWS Control Tower if you don’t have any AWS accounts already. But if you do have AWS accounts, you can still import them into AWS Control Tower and apply that broad governance across all of those accounts. It takes advantage of the fact that you set rules that should be applied everywhere and it automatically applies them. This is really beneficial from a security standpoint. You don’t want to start spinning up new AWS accounts and have them not have certain security rules in place because someone forgot to do that. Using AWS Control Tower and their account vending machine (Account Factory) style methodology, you can create those accounts all within that realm of governance and you are ensured that all of the security rules that you always want to have enforced everywhere are going to be applied every time you create a new account. 

AWS Control Tower also benefits from a cost perspective because typically what we like to do is separate environments based on account. It makes it a lot easier to track resource usage and track costs associated with a specific environment. If your development environment all of a sudden starts costing a lot of money, you can catch it and find ways to improve those processes without moving it all into your production account, creating those delineations more cleanly. 

Caylent has a ton of expertise in AWS Control Tower implementations and building conformance packs. Building those means of applying structure and compliance to your AWS accounts which we have codified to move you quickly into the state that you need to be as an organization. Using Terraform and Infrastructure as Code to really accelerate your AWS Control Tower implementation and then using that to help educate you and your team so that you’re able to take advantage and expand upon it once it’s in place.

We have a concept of Caylent Catalysts©, which are accelerants to get customers off the ground faster, accelerating into AWS building workloads. Think of them as small components or small building blocks that really set you up for success. Our AWS Control Tower Catalyst is where we started just because without a AWS foundation to build upon, success can be difficult. So building a strong and secure AWS foundation first enables you to build up your other workloads, so you can move forward at the pace that you need.


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