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Learn how we're helping our customers leverage GenAI to enhance operational efficiency, improve internal access to corporate knowledge and augment data processing and management.

Generative AI (GenAI) is unique in its ability to address an incredibly wide variety of use cases across business functions that involve day-to-day communication, general productivity, as well as creative expression, programming and data analysis. This is because, at its core, GenAI involves advanced machine learning algorithms that can understand, generate, and modify content across numerous formats and structures.

Typically, large amounts of data are utilized to train models to perform various tasks, from natural language processing to complex problem-solving. This capability allows organizations to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, significantly reducing the time and human effort required for such activities. GenAI has also been transformative towards use cases that require more in-depth expertise, such as code generation. For example, developers using Amazon CodeWhisperer have seen a 40% reduction in prototyping times and up to a 50% decrease in security vulnerabilities.

GenAI also simplifies intermediary processes in data analysis. Through its advanced algorithms, GenAI can perform tasks such as data cleaning, normalization, and preliminary analysis automatically. One of our customers, IdenX, has achieved at least a 2X increase in their data qualification and processing capabilities by involving GenAI in their workflow (use case discussed below).

In this blog, we will explore three compelling case studies where we have helped customers across diverse industries—IdenX in data analysis, Everyrealm in social media, and Transit Technologies in public utilities—each highlighting how GenAI has been instrumental in enhancing their operational efficiency and data management capabilities.

IdenX - Analytics-as-a-Service

Autonomous data processing to improve efficiency and accuracy in analytics-as-a-service

IdenX, an analytics-as-a-service company, leverages proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to deliver customized, data-driven insights across various organizational challenges in talent acquisition, logistics, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Its analytics provide clients with comprehensive and transparent insights quickly for strategic decision-making.

IdenX employs a meticulous approach to research and data analysis that can be time and resource-intensive. This included querying thousands of files and datasets, converting text to SQL, assessing data quality, and analyzing data, which involved repetitive tasks that significantly slowed operational efficiency. IdenX sought a solution to streamline these processes, lower the technical barrier to entry for their operational and analytics teams, and democratize access to actionable data across the organization.

In collaboration with Caylent, IdenX decided to utilize a Generative AI-powered application leveraging Claude 2, to address these challenges. The solution involves:

Data Processing Pipeline: IdenX’s solution utilizes a Large Language Model (LLM) to identify metadata such as delimiter, encoding, and headers across files of various sizes, formats, and languages. This approach aims to improve target identification and calculate a density quotient to assess the value of parsing each file. This accelerates the qualification process, ensuring IdenX’s experts only focus on files that offer value.

Amazon Bedrock Implementation: After evaluating Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Textract, and AWS Comprehend, the teams chose Amazon Bedrock for its GenAI capabilities. Caylent developed scripts to extract metadata from files and measure density, streamlining the data processing workflow.

Cost-Effective Strategies: Utilizing samples from files for prompts and employing an on-demand pricing model for Bedrock allowed initial development within free tiers, optimizing costs.

The deployment of the Amazon Bedrock-powered solution enabled IdenX to:

Enhance Efficiency: Query thousands of files instantly, significantly improving the efficiency of time and resources compared to the manual processing of approximately 500 files per day per resource.

Accelerate Processing: Achieve processing times of around 25 seconds for small files and 40 seconds for wider files, with the capability to process about 20-30 files within a 15-minute window, depending on file complexity.

Seamless Integration: Easily integrate the solution with other services, further enhancing operational efficiency and data analysis capabilities.

Dr. Andrew Sharp
“Our generative AI technology stack allows us to abstract away a lot of our laborious, repetitive heavy lifting and align our team towards efforts that improve our customer experience. We’re able to get from raw data to high quality data much more quickly and are excited about the scalability of our new capabilities.”

Dr. Andrew Sharp


Everyrealm - Social Media

GenAI powered knowledge base for improved talent onboarding in the immersive media and gaming industry, fostering a deeper understanding of complex ecosystems.

Everyrealm is dedicated to developing technology and infrastructure for virtual worlds. As a technology company building various innovations tailored for social gamers, including tools for identity, competitive ranking, and even relationships, Everyrealm aims to position itself as a key player in the immersive media domain.

As a fast-growing company, Everyrealm is working to onboard new staff to it’s ecosystem. Complexity in their business model can extend the learning curve for new employees, potentially impacting the speed at which Everyrealm can scale its operations and innovate. 

This is another unique but commonly experienced challenge across industries. While products and services may overlap, companies tend to have unique cultures, market strategies and brand positions that help them unlock their unique edge. Assimilating new employees requires very careful strategizing by People-Ops teams. 

Generative AI Knowledge Base: To streamline the onboarding process and facilitate integrating new staff into the team, Everyrealm decided to collaborate with Caylent to implement a Generative AI (GenAI) knowledge base solution. This digital tool is designed to offer a dynamic, interactive learning environment that can adapt to the specific needs of each new employee, providing them with personalized access to critical information about Everyrealm's operations and technology stack.

Engagement and Knowledge Transfer: Throughout the project, Caylent engineers worked closely with the Everyrealm team to ensure seamless integration of the GenAI knowledge base into the company’s onboarding procedures. The focus is on creating an intuitive user interface and an extensive database of information that can answer a wide range of queries, from basic operational questions to complex technical details about projects.

Using this knowledge base, Everyrealm can enhance their onboarding process and accelerate employee assimilation into their culture. This is especially valuable as organizations become more remote and digital experiences have an outsized cultural impact.

Transit Technologies - Public Services

Democratizing and accelerating access to organizational data to boost operational efficiency in public services.

Transit Technologies is a leader in advancing mass transit solutions worldwide, tackling the challenge of revolutionizing mobility for all by addressing the operational and equity gaps within the transportation industry. With a robust client base of over 2000 globally and facilitating more than 100 million rides annually, the company offers unparalleled public, private, and specialty mobility solutions.

Their primary challenge was in the difficulty employees, particularly those new to the organization, faced in accessing and correlating the vast stores of knowledge within Transit Technologies. This issue posed significant speed bumps to operational efficiency, impacting decision-making, customer support, and overall time-to-market. As a leader in the mass transit industry that thrives by embracing modern workflow solutions as a part of their culture, Transit Technologies wanted to explore Generative AI (GenAI) as a solution to enhance operational efficiency and employee onboarding. 

GenAI-Powered Knowledge Base: To address this challenge, Transit Technologies collaborated with Caylent to leverage its expertise in GenAI enablement and implementation. The project focussed on developing a customizable, enterprise-grade AI-powered knowledge base designed to integrate seamlessly with Transit Technologies' AWS infrastructure. This knowledge base:

  • Utilizes advanced GenAI capabilities to offer a natural language search feature, enabling employees to access and correlate information swiftly.
  • Ensures technical feasibility, data governance, security, and scalability across all AI initiatives, maintaining full control and ownership of data and sources.
  • Automates ML operations and leverages cutting-edge large language models to enhance organizational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

The deployment of a GenAI-powered knowledge base is expected to transform Transit Technologies' operational landscape significantly. By providing employees with an intuitive, efficient, and secure way to access critical information, the company anticipates:

  • Improved operational efficiency and faster decision-making processes.
  • Enhanced customer support through quicker access to relevant information.
  • Cost savings and faster time-to-market for new innovations and services.
  • A robust foundation for data-driven success and sustained organizational growth.

Embracing an AI-Augmented Future

As we've explored through the transformative experiences of IdenX, Everyrealm, and Transit Technologies, the integration of Generative AI is impactful from broader use cases such as organizational knowledge sharing and employee onboarding, to more specialized ones where data analysis and processing are augmented. Across these use cases, GenAI yields substantial benefits in operational efficiency, reducing the need for redundant manual effort and allowing talent to focus on tasks most impacted by their expertise. These use cases are also largely industry agnostic, offering a path for organizations of all types and sizes to benefit from more performant and productive talent, and eliminate repetitive processes that can cumulatively be very costly over the long term.

If your organization is looking to harness AI to unlock more efficiency, we have significant expertise in deploying impactful solutions on AWS, providing a robust foundation for your technological evolution. Embrace the future of business with GenAI, and let us help you achieve the technological transformation that will fuel tomorrow’s innovation.

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Khobaib Zaamout

Khobaib Zaamout

Dr. Khobaib Zaamout is the Principal Architect for AI Strategy at Caylent, where his main focus lies in AIML and Generative AI. He brings a solid background with over ten years of experience in software, Data, and AIML. Khobaib has earned a master's in Machine Learning and holds a doctorate in Data Science. His professional journey also involves extensive consulting, solutioning, and leadership roles. Based in Chestermere, Alberta, Canada, Khobaib enjoys a laid-back life. Outside of work, he likes cooking for his family and friends and finds relaxation in camping trips to the Rocky Mountains.

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