Streamlined Cloud Monitoring with Datadog

The Observability Problem

One of the fundamental challenges that product development and operations teams face is visibility into the cloud infrastructure powering their applications. 

As the demand on these applications increases, internal operations teams often struggle to keep up. Additionally, DevOps and cloud-native expertise is often missing as a core competency from their team. 

That's why we're excited to announce our new partnership with Datadog.

Why Caylent is Joining the Datadog Partner Network

Datadog is the market-leading monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. When deployed, the platform enables DevOps teams to see across all cloud infrastructure, applications, and services in one place.

This means being able to proactively monitor your user’s experience, get alerts on critical infrastructure issues in real time, and mitigate performance degradation.

With our customers ranging from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies, a key part of Caylent’s process is delivering modern tooling to support their services. As a member of the Datadog Partner Network, we can enable our customers with best-in-class monitoring while accessing training and support for our engineers to ensure best practices are followed with each deployment.

How Caylent Streamlines the Cloud Monitoring Process

If you’re not familiar with Caylent, we are a DevOps and Cloud Native consulting and managed services company. Here’s how the partnership with Datadog will help accelerate your cloud journey.

1. A Simplified Datadog Setup

Caylent customers will be able to implement Datadog as a monitoring solution for their cloud workloads through a new streamlined workflow that covers everything from procurement to configuration. 

2. A Stress-Free Onboarding

Our seamless onboarding experience allows customers to start monitoring the health and performance of their applications with Datadog quickly. Whether you are based entirely in AWS, GCP or Azure or spread across hybrid environments, you’ll be able to leverage the platform benefits immediately.

3. Best Practices From Day One

Our engineers embed deeply within your engineering and product teams. That means from day one, you are getting their world-class cloud expertise and 5+ years of experience. Having Caylent engineers onboard will let you get back to focusing on product, gain a faster time-to-market, and optimize modern, scalable infrastructure.

How You Can Get Started

If you’re not already a Caylent customer, you can get started by booking a consultation call with our team. We’ll dive straight into your project needs, and walk you through our process. All our cloud solutions are custom tailored to meet your business requirements and future organizational goals. We thrive on creating truly collaborative partnerships with our clients and hold your company’s best interests close.


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