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Caylent's purpose-built framework for accelerated generative AI application development

What is it?

MeteorAI helps organizations expedite the experimentation cycle and accelerate the adoption of new AI technologies, improving time to value and company productivity.

Our turnkey framework supports numerous use cases across a variety of industries. Its multi-model capability and extensible, modular backend allow it to address unique customer needs easily. Deep integrations with privacy solutions and its library of pre-configured data sources allow it to be as secure as it is effective in improving business decisions and optimizing operations.

From Idea to Impact

Caylent's MeteorAI amplifies the power of company data and expedites the experimentation cycle of numerous generative AI solutions taking your organization on the smartest and fastest path to achieving your AI goals.

Using MeteorAI, your organization can accelerate AI adoption, expedite experimentation, empower your team and customers, and enable ongoing success.

01 - Assess

Through our discovery sessions, we’ll work with you to clearly define the use case, evaluate generative AI adoption readiness, identify key Large Language Models, and roadmap our development.

02 - Architect

Our Caylent crew will partner with your project leads to develop requirements, architect the solution, plan the sprints, and kick off development.

03 - Accelerate

Together, our teams will dive into the MVP to test and finalize development, ensuring a smooth knowledge transfer that sets you up for continued success.

Rima Olinger

Recognized as a leading AWS partner with extensive expertise, Caylent has consistently leveraged the robust production-grade infrastructure and services of Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker to deliver innovative solutions. Furthermore, Caylent has effectively utilized the power of AWS-enabled generative AI application development to accelerate the path from concept to implementation, enabling them to swiftly bring value-driven solutions to market for their clients.

Rima Olinger

AWS North America Partner Director

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