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Multi-Region App Strategy

Embrace multi-region infrastructure for global reach, compliance, high availability, and disaster recovery

Helping you Adapt with Speed

In today's fast-paced digital world, being able to quickly adapt to global market demands is key for any business to succeed. Companies must ensure their applications can seamlessly scale and operate across multiple regions worldwide.

Our multi-region application strategy provides a roadmap for modifying your application to serve a global user base, ensuring it complies with data regulations like GDPR and provides high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

With a purpose-built AWS infrastructure that enhances user experience and supports continuous growth and compliance, your business can stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market. Our strategic design and automation capabilities ensure your application is always up-to-date and ready to take on new challenges as they arise.

Our Pragmatic Approach to Multi-Region Applications


Conduct a comprehensive assessment to document business reasons for building a global application and identify opportunities for modernization using AWS-native components.


Align our teams through a detailed workshop to ensure a clear understanding of the future state design and the necessary steps to achieve it.


Architect a robust multi-region infrastructure focused on compliance, high availability, and disaster recovery, optimizing your application for global success.

Moving From Idea to Impact

Caylent transforms your vision into reality with a structured, results-driven approach known as the Caylent Crews Delivery Methodology.

Through collaborative workshops and strategic planning, we design a customized roadmap to modernize your application. Our expert team ensures seamless implementation, delivering a multi-region infrastructure that enhances performance, compliance, and reliability for a global user base.

Customer Success Stories

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Pharmaceutical company maximizes application scalability and resiliency with AWS microservices

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A man exercising with ropes.
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Fitness management and messaging platform rearchitects and containerizes entire AWS cloud infrastructure

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Smart Eye Technology

Digital Privacy SaaS company reduces the Total Cost of Ownership by adopting cloud-native infrastructure

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Fintech purchasing platform maximizes velocity and security through full automation with Terraform and AWS ECS on AWS Fargate

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Going Beyond Technology with our Community of AWS Experts


With over 600+ certifications, our AWS community of cloud experts and enthusiasts know exactly how to guide customers along the fastest and smartest path.


As a premier tier AWS partner, we've taken the steps necessary to prove our AWS expertise by earning over 10 competencies and counting.

Delivery Designations

With over 10 Delivery Designations, we are more than a strategic consulting partner, but a comprehensive solutions provider capable of taking you from idea to impact.


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